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Working within the Cloud using Google docs is a great way to ensure that your files are available whenever you need it. As long as you have internet connection, you will have access to your file wherever you are. But what if power/internet outage or even Google service down temporarily? How can you possibly work with your files where relying on the Cloud can leave you stuck? Below are the Top 4 Cloud Storage Sync tools that can help you sync your entire Google Docs file locally.

1. Insync
Insync is simply Google Drive for business and power users. It gives you a dropbox-like service to sync your Google docs’ files and folders across different device platforms. It offers Google docs offline editing and automatic syncing of your files once you are connected to the internet. Insync is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and different mobile platforms (iPhone, android, windows phone and blackberry). There’s also a version for gmail which enables you to sync all your Gmail attachments to Google Drive or Dropbox using labels.

2. Memeo Connect
Memeo Connect for Google Apps which lets you view files on both desktop and Google Docs. Memeo has a feature called Memeo Gdrive which acts as a physical drive to your machine. One major drawback on using Memeo Connect is that there’s no automatic synchronization of the files so your local files that are not yet online can then be moved to the appropriate Google Docs folder via drag-and-drop to Memeo Gdrive.

3. Syncplicity
Syncplicity offers 2GB storage and sync for upto 2 computers and mobile devices for free. It enables users to easily share files, manage and automatically sync and backup every files and folders not only into Google Docs but also to its own website as well as other computer running syncplicity software.

4. Syndocs
Syncdocs allows users to sync their Google docs’ documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other types of files across all PCs and Google Drive. This eliminate users the need to download the individual documents on Google docs to open and edit from desktop. The one major drawback of Syncdocs is its current version is only available for Windows. Mac and Linux users need Wine, Parallels or Crossover for you to run Syncdocs.

These applications shows the users can now easily transition from a dektop-based computing environment to where Office documents are created and maintained in the Cloud.
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  1. Did you know that you can still access and edit your documents even when you're not online. Google Docs has Offline Mode, but you must enable it first.....there more great tips like this delivered to your inbox at


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