Easy Way to Manage Gmail Attachments

Sync Gmail Attachments
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Don't you wish to have a Gmail sync tool which will help you manage and sync Google mail attachments and store it in one place?

Insync for Gmail gets your email attachments in the inbox and immediately syncs them to GDrive and Dropbox with the used of labels.

The service allows users to simply backup and sync email attachments to either storage service by simply dropping emails into a dedicated folder. This can be done manually, or you can set up an email filter that automatically labels messages with an attachment so everything syncs without any interaction on your behalf. It’s very easy, all you have to do is to link your Gmail account along with your Insync account - there’s nothing to download.

Once signed in with a Gmail account, users are prompted to provide their Drive or Dropbox credentials and then specify a folder that will sync with their Insync account.

Kudos for this because it is an easy way to manage all your attachments!

See the video below for an overview of how Insync for Gmail works.

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