How to Manage your Multiple Google Drive Account

Almost all the people, for sure, have more than one Google account. We may not even know the reason yet isn’t it quite very helpful if you can actually manage all your Google Drive Accounts in one place? Introducing, Insync which is your dropbox for Google Drive that lets you manage and sync all your multiple google drive accounts

Below is the instruction on how you can manage multiple google drive accounts in Insync:

 1. After installing the app, right click on the icon that appears in the taskbar and choose "Connect another Google Account”.  Click here if you don’t have Insync application yet.
 2. Next, you will be forwarded to Google login page. Just login with the account you wish to connect with Insync.
 3. After that, Google will ask your confirmation to link your Google Drive account with Insync.
 4. Then link your machine to the account. You will be redirected to account management page where you would see the accounts you’ve linked with Insync. 

Voila! Now, you can even manage even more than two accounts in one place. Isn’t it so easy right? Why don’t you try it for yourself? Check out here on how you can experience managing your multiple Google Drive accounts.

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