Online Cloud Storage as Backup for Your Files

It is really frustrating once you have encountered a technical problem on your computer and the worst case is your hard drive crashed and you don't have any backup of your stored files. Therefore, it is very advisable for everyone to store their files anywhere to avoid scenarios like this. For today's time, there are lots of online cloud storage providers in the market that offers free and premium services which can be very useful in storing important files like your daughter's picture, work-related files and etc.

Below are some of the online cloud storage services which you can take advantage to use. Just simply signup and download the application and voila, you’re ready to use it. 

•  Insync

It is your Google drive for business and power users. This service lets you enjoy the 5GB free storage of Google Drive since Insync uses Google drive for its storage purposes. Then, you'll also enjoy the ability to manage Google multiple accounts since it supports multiple logins and it also automatically converts your Google documents into Office formats, making them available offline.

• Dropbox

Probably the most well-known among other online cloud storage service. It offers 2GB free space storage but can still gain more if you refer more friends to use the applications. Any file you drop on that folder can automatically synced and backup.

• Google Drive

It is Google's new product which offers a free 5GB storage space. Google Drive is seamlessly integrated into other Google products especially Google docs.

• Skydrive

It is Microsoft product which offers a 7GB free storage for new users. An additional storage is available for purchase. Store anything on your SkyDrive and its automatically available from your trusted devices-no syncing or cables needed.

• Sugarsync

Sugarsync also offers 5GB free space online storage when you sign up and can get also get additional storage once you refer some friends. Like what we have mentioned above, it let you also share, sync and backup your different files.

Above are some of the online cloud storage services and file syncing tools that you can take advantage of use either in your computer and/or mobile devices. I don't know which of which the best to use is but the most important thing is that this technology is very useful especially in storing and creating backups for our important files.No need to have a physical device like cds, flashdrive or hard drive since online file storage service let you access your files from anywhere and from any computer which is one of the great conveniences of the always-on Internet.We can even try them all since everyone has option to use it for free. The only downside of using these services all is you’re going to run multiple apps which can cause to slow down the performance of your device.

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  1. A crashed hard drive is probably one of the most dreaded computer problems. But wouldn’t it be nice to end up unbothered if the situation happens? Backup - always have backup. With cloud offering various services, it is easier to decide where to store your data. You just have to pick the one that best suits your needs.

    Lakisha Rubert

  2. Great Post, I haven't started doing it yet but Online Cloud storage sounds great! I came across your blog while I was online looking at different Cloud Storage Providers , I'm happy I did because this was very helpful and interesting. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. Using online cloud storage for backing up and storing data is very convenient and comfortable. More and more people prefer this kind of data storage nowadays as they are able to access their files anywhere in the world with internet connection. As long as you would choose a quality service provider for data management using online cloud service, everything should run smoothly.

    Ruby Badcoe

  4. These all mentioned Providers ar eregarded as best online storage services. Even DropBox provides sync data on real time so no need to save your stuff twice. Although there are some other online cloud storage providers that also regard best online cloud storage providers with all related features and specifications like DropBox and others have but varies in prices


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